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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores from a server in your computer or mobile browser (depending on which device you are accessing the page with), the first time you visit that website. After the first visit, each time the web browser requests an identical page from the server, cookies are sent from the user's computer to the server. In this way, the server has the ability to identify and track the web browser. We use the term cookies to refer to all files that collect data in the manner described above.

There are several types of cookies:

1) Cookies by duration

2) Cookies by source

When collecting cookies, it is possible to store certain data by the Google Analytics platform. For more information about the Google Analytics privacy policy, you can find out via the following link

Please note that we do not control the setting of these cookies, so it is recommended to check the third-party website for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

3) Cookies by function

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Useful cookie guides:

We use the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies that ensure the proper functioning of the website and application are used to use the main functions of the website and application, to ensure security and to enable network management (e.g. session cookies that keep users logged in while they move around the site and cookies that store custom user settings). Without mandatory cookies, the website or application cannot function properly and unlike analytical, marketing and personalization cookies, we do not require visitor consent for them.

We use analytical cookies to track the use of the website and application, the number of visitors, the time spent, traffic analysis and optimization of the website and application. They help us understand and measure visitors' interactions with the website and app, their better understanding and improvement of how they work. They also allow us to test content and features to improve the experience and appearance of the website and app.

Please note that some services may be designed to function with the use of cookies and that disabling cookies may affect your ability to use these services or certain parts of the services.

Final notes

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